Heart Space

The Book

A safe space for you to work through your emotions, your memories and the legacy of your child and your dreams for the future.


Heart Space is a 258 page self-directed, therapeutically reviewed coaching book designed to help families through all stages of loss.

Through gentle exercises designed by mothers, fathers and families who have experienced loss or the death of a child, the book is designed to be a workbook, journal, memory book and coaching guide all in one. 

The book, written by Ami Summers, an accredited and experienced coach and leadership consultant who is also a mother who has experienced stillbirth and miscarriage, is a supportive hand to hold through your journey. The book has been collectively shaped by the stories and experiences of a group of mothers, fathers, and family members who have experienced all stages of child loss and have been affected by the loss of the child or pregnancy, with the kind loving overview of trauma specialists.

Heart Space has been carefully crafted to create a safe place for you to grieve, grow and develop through your loss, miscarriage or stillbirth.

Through self-directed, constructive exercises, this coaching journal guides you through the unique experience of loss and grief that is losing your child. The Heart Space resource has been designed to make you feel like you have a qualified coach working through your grief alongside you, but in the privacy of your own home, in your own time, in your own way.

Heart Space creates space for all emotions and thoughts to be voiced, processed, shared and honoured.




Heartspace includes sections to meet the needs of grieving families in the first stages of loss, emotions and thoughts deep in grief, and then a section that holds the readers hand gently through defining what life looks like now after loss, and developing self and emotional intelligence.

It includes exercises on:

  • Check in pages to check in on basic needs such as water intake, food, exercise and emotions

  • Managing stress

  • Understanding trauma, grief, PTSD and managing anxiety

  • Mind/body connection

  • Growth mindset

  • Working through what has happened

  • Art Therapy - drawing emotions, expressing grief through creative writing, drawing pictures for those no longer here

  • Supporting others - the circle of support

  • Yoga and meditation

  • Goal setting

  • Values and beliefs

  • Building self efficacy and confidence

  • Reflecting on the legacy you want your child to leave

A perfect accompaniment to therapy and counselling, this book is designed to be there when no one else can be.




A gift to a grieving heart

“I have spent a little time in this workbook about once a week for the past month. I started working through it about 2 weeks after my miscarriage, and I found it so incredibly helpful to name my feelings, and have these gentle and helpful prompts to address things I may not have noticed in my grief journey.

I have been really blessed by the section about creativity. Being able to picture my child, name and draw my emotions, and imagine freely about her life is a gift. It's such a gift to a grieving heart. Thank you for the gentleness and care you put into this.”