Heart Space

Appreciation for Heartspace 


A gift for your heart that is truly beyond words

“Do you ever find those books that feel like your heart has been laid out in a garden of art and poetry, where all of your deepest emotions and memories can tumble out into the safety of soft paper and soothing words? This book is stunning. And oh my goodness, it has both torn open my heart while at the same time mending it in ways I didn’t know still needed mending.

It is so beautiful, both the words and the art. I’ve found myself sneaking little peeks every time I walk past it, and the love continues to grow.

To you and you and you, each of you reading this who has lost your precious baby, your child, your little embryos, at any stage of pre-pregnancy-baby-infant-hood, this book was written for you.

It is a treasure. In honour of a beautiful baby girl named Arla, by her mum Ami, this is a gift for your heart that is truly beyond words.

If anyone has offered to help you in your pain, let them get you a copy. And if you’d like to get a copy for yourself, do that, you would be giving yourself the gift of self-compassion.Thank you so much for creating this work, it will be part of the healing of so many hurting hearts.”

Shannon Norberg - Mothering Your Heart


Thank you from the bottom of my heart

"As parents who have lost our son at 14 weeks and our second pregnancy at 9 weeks and failed first IVF round all over the past 3.5 years thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a beautiful, courageous, honest support resource and beautifully presented book.

We are changed for the better and forever and see our sons life and our journey challenges all as a blessing but of course have faced deep grief and loss. All that your book is truly ‘the heart space ‘ we’ve created and worked to be within.

I love your resource for so many reasons as you bring so many powerful tools together in one place for grieving parents and so much more due to your own story and the path of searching for what is very very limited in support and guidance for grieving parents.

I’ve just purchased my copy of your book and know it will be a go-to gift for anyone faced with the same journey."



Somewhere to recognise our loss 

"I bought Heart Space after we recently lost a much-wanted pregnancy at 12 weeks. I'm not one to share much on social media but I wanted to post this in case it helps someone else. I'm still heartbroken but it is nice to have somewhere to recognise our loss.

If you, or someone you know, has lost a pregnancy or child this book may help have somewhere to record their memories and honour their child, whilst also being a place to work through your grief."





A gift to a grieving heart

“I have spent a little time in this workbook about once a week for the past month. I started working through it about 2 weeks after my miscarriage, and I found it so incredibly helpful to name my feelings, and have these gentle and helpful prompts to address things I may not have noticed in my grief journey.

I have been really blessed by the section about creativity. Being able to picture my child, name and draw my emotions, and imagine freely about her life is a gift. It's such a gift to a grieving heart. Thank you for the gentleness and care you put into this.”




An incredible resource for many families on the journey after loss

“It was such a pleasure this morning to arrive in my Longford office to find my very own copy of the beautifully crafted Heart Space Book.

I was blown away when I unwrapped it by the beauty and the strengths that came from this hard covered journal that has been creative by Ami Summers in honour of her precious daughter Arla, and have no doubt this will be an incredible resource for many families on the journey after loss. This beautiful workbook provides tools to work through the days, weeks and months after loss, and is gentle, supportive and robust in content, while honouring the whole journey of grieving a child.”

Robyn McKinnon Consultancy and Counselling Services -
Director of Australian Perinatal Loss Professionals Network


Important and supportive

“I am using Heart Space in many different ways. As a tool in individual support, a tool in group discussion, and a way for couples to share. I think many of the reflections on how grief impacts our lives are important and supportive. It is such a great resource.”

Kelly - Bereavement Counsellor, Bears of Hope



Something to hold onto forever

“Heart Space arrived this morning and wow I am just blown away! What a beautiful book – and so beautifully written. I can’t wait to get stuck in and write, so many things to write down and something to hold on to forever.”