Share your emotions

Heart Space is a collection of exercises and reflections you can safely take yourself through to process and share the emotions and thoughts surrounding your loss. Supporting you in the exact time you need it is our number one priority. With that in mind, we’d like to share a few of the exercises that are available within the book for you to use immediately, in your time of need.


exercises available to download


Stress and You

Stress is physically and emotionally impactful. At times it can be hard to articulate what we feel stressed about and why. This exercise is designed to shine a spotlight on your stress response. Keep your responses to these questions tucked away in your self-awareness. 


Stages of Grief

Every individual grief experience is unique. Our collective understanding of grief has evolved from an initial understanding where it was expected that we all travelled a very similar route and trajectory while grieving. We now understand that the journey of grief is much more complex and personalised, due to the varying influences of that experience, and each person’s emotional fingerprint. 



Imagine you are through the fog of the present day. 

Spend some time reflecting on where you personally visualise yourself in the future.


Check in Pages

Every day is different and a new journey when our heart is missing someone we love. The Check-in pages provide an opportunity to help you honour the present moment and take your healing day by day. Check-in regularly with yourself without judgment or expectation and trace patterns in your resilience, emotions and healing.